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Allis’ Test (Knee)
Ankle Clonus (Upper Motor Neuron Test)
Anterior Drawer Test (Knee)
Apley’s Compression Test (Knee)
Apley’s Distraction Test (Knee)
Arterial Dissection
Axial Cervical Compression Test (Neck)
Babinski Response (Upper Motor Neuron Test)
Cervical Distraction Test (Neck)
Clarke’s Sign (Knee)
DeKleyn’s Test (Neck)
Dial Test (Knee)
Eccentric Step Test (Knee)
Ege’s Test (Knee)
External Rotation Recurvatum Test (Knee)
Femoral Nerve Traction Test (Low Back)
Gaenslen’s Test (Low Back)
Gillet’s Test (Low Back)
Godfrey’s Test (Low Back)
Hautant’s Test (Vertebrobasilar Insufficiency) (VBI)
Hawkins-Kennedy Test (Shoulder)
Helfet’s Test (Knee)
Hoffmann’s Reflex (Upper Motor Neuron Test)
Hughston’s Posteromedial & Posterolateral Drawer Tests (Knee)
Lachman’s Test (Knee)
Lhermitte’s Sign (Barber Chair Phenomenon) (Multiple Sclerosis)
Lumbar Quadrant Test (Low Back)
Maximum Cervical Compression Test (Neck)
Neer Impingement Test (Shoulder)
Neurological Screening Examination of C5 to T1 Nerve Roots
Neurological Screening Examination of L2 to S1 Nerve Roots
Patrick’s Test (Hip and Sacroiliac)
Piriformis Test
Roos Test (Thoracic Outlet)
Sacral Thrust Test (Low Back)
Sacroiliac Compression Test (Low Back)
Sacroiliac Distraction Test (Low Back)
Scapulohumeral Rhythm (Shoulder)
Shoulder Abduction Test (Neck)
Shoulder Depression Test  (Neck)
Slump Test (Low Back)
Straight Leg Raise Test (Low Back)
Upper Limb Tension Test (Neck)
Valsalva Test (Neck and Back)
Well Leg Raise Test (Low Back)
Yeoman’s Test (Low Back)