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Educom CE is a website of Educom Continuing Education™ and aims to provide healthcare practitioners with easy to complete and cost-effective online Continuing Education (CE) and Continuing Professional Development (CPD) courses to enhance clinical competence, minimize risk and improve patient outcomes.

Course Materials and Resources

Our course materials and resources have been developed and reviewed by a team of practitioners with extensive academic and clinical experience in musculoskeletal conditions. Our courses have been designed to provide participants with the most up-to-date diagnostic procedures and interpretations, with content that has been compiled from evidence-based resources including peer-reviewed journals, specialist organizations and authoritative texts. Our courses include examples of patient presentations and help the participant to learn how a targeted clinical evaluation methodology with a problem-solving approach can be used to enhance diagnostic accuracy and efficiency in practice. The material also presents videos of special examination procedures, a set of questions to identify “red flags” and videos on how to perform a quick neurological screening examination to rule out serious pathology.

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Free Educational Resources for Practitioners, Educators and Students

Educom CE freely offers access to an extensive library of clinical examination videos for the benefit of practitioners, educators and students. If you are an educator, you are welcome to use these resources by either displaying them in the classroom or by directing students to them. In either case, access to the videos must take place via this website (www.educomce.com). As these are copyrighted materials, we ask that you please acknowledge Educom CE and this website (www.educomce.com) as the producer and owner of the videos.

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